Monday, 30 July 2012

Down the Bosely Locks

Early off this am (0750!) and just about an hour's pleasant run to the top of the 12 Boseley locks.
Someone was looking after us this morning.  We had awoken to pouring rain so the skipper was grumpy.......but by the time we set off we had a dry spell.  We reached the top lock at Boseley to find we were the first of the day, one was watering but said he would be 20 minutes.  So we were able to go into the lock and wait whilst Geoff emptied the loo cassettes which was very useful as the sani station is not conveniently located here.  In addition there were two volunteer lock keepers, one of whom went ahead of us filling and opening locks.  This got us half way by which time there were boats coming up so we were through the 12 locks in about 1 hr 20 minutes.  When we reached the bottom there was even a space for us on the aqueduct where we wanted to moor.  Although we had the odd shower as we came down it had been nowhere nearly as bad as anticipated..........

Almost at the bottom and 'The Cloud' in the distance

Geoff wanted to climb the Cloud so he was hoping for a decent break in the weather.   As the forecast for tomorrow was dire he decided to set off after lunch.
There were still showers but not too bad.   He made it almost to the top................

 .......but with a rain squall coming in he decided to give the last little bit the big swerve.   It looked very wet and slippery
All of Cheshire to see from the top
and Jodrell Bank
and Petroc in the distance moored on the aqueduct
On his walk he passed this narrowboat.........hope he wan't planning on going under any bridges!!!!!

Two big masts housing a solar panel and a TV aerial
5.01 miles, 12 locks, 3hrs 30 min

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