Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday at Sutton

We stayed over for the day on Gurnet Aqueduct as we had a church in Sutton about 20 mins walk away and a choice of 4 pubs for lunch!

St James Church, Sutton
After the Communion service at which there were a few youngsters which makes a nice change, we joined the congregation for coffee.  They were a very friendly group and we picked their brains for the choice of pub for our Sunday lunch.  The Lamb at the other end of the village so we took their advice.   They were not wrong and we found we even had to indulge in a sinful pudding
Spotted Dick for Gill
Sticky Toffee for Geoff
Very naughty but very nice...........................
We had showers through the day but they didn't become heavier until we were safely tucked up down below.

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