Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Mow Cop & beyond

Today we have done what we intended to do yesterday!
One lock and just over an hour brought us to a suitable for Geoff and Barney to do their walk up Mow Cop.
Mow Cop is associated with the primitive Methodist movement
En route we passed this boat and wondered if even the size of this sign had any effect on some boaters.........we have noticed this year that a lot of boats have trouble understanding what slow down really means and I am not necessarily referring to hire boats........
No option but to slow down at the bridges on the Macclesfield as they are narrow and  there are lots of them
Mow Cop hidden in the mist
However by the time we had moored up the weather was improving.
A steep climb
you have been warned
nearly there
but Barney can't get in
Fantastic view from the top

Placque commemorating the Primitive Methodist movement
easier going down
Can't even stop for a beer
After Geoff's exertions Barney & I went in search of the shop for the paper and milk which proved to be a little further than I had anticipated, but at least I didn't have the hill!
On again with no particular destination in mend apart from a nice open mooring.   We went through Congleton and it was a good job we had not planned to stop as all the visitor moorings were full.
Maybe we will stop on the way back
these sheep are obviously not weatherproof
the first of the turn around bridges where the towpath changes sides but the horse would not have to be unhitched,
Eventually found a suitable mooring in the open and also totally secluded.
8.51 miles, 1 lock, 3 hrs 50 min (not including the walks!)

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