Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Big trip today....it should have been a little longer as we planned to take the sharp turn onto the Caldon and up 3 locks and moor by the park where we have moored before and from where we knew we could reach the station easily. The station was necessary as Boe was arriving for a visit, having finished her term teaching in Moscow. The first stop was the sani station at the very just after the turn and whilst watering we noticed that there was a conveniently pleasant spot just beyond. Since it was not much further to the station we decided to stay there as we would then be close enough to visit the Toby Carvery nearby. Opposite us are houses/flats with a large grass area in front of them and there was a lady who seemed to be feeding the Canada geese....it must be the messiest lawn...... We are closest to Hanley here, one of the six pottery towns. Geoff walked in for his normal town explore and found a giant Tesco, amongst other things. Boe arrived safely and the Toby carvery was duly explored so it is onward up the Caldon tomorrow. I may have forgotten to mention but it's been raining again..........
0.21 miles, 0 locks 53 min (the time includes watering and making the decision to go no further)

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