Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Hazelhurst to Endon

This video shows the Churnett River from just beyond the Hazelhurst Aquaduct last night.   As you can see it is flowing well and has overflowed into the fields.  A lot of the fields around here are flooded too.  However the canal was slightly down, hence we could not get our stern into the bank!!!
Just a short trip today as far as change of plan today......we were there in time for coffee and then Geoff took himself off to catch the bus back to Leek as he had missed out on his `town fix` yesterday

The market town of Leek
He also managed to find a good food market which always delights him.....
Endon itseld is well served by a good Co op, chemist, hairdressers and several other shops....something our guide book fails to mention....however it is 5 years old .....
1.58 miles, 0 locks, 1 hr 51 min

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