Friday, 6 July 2012

Last nights sky did not lie!

It foretold rain and boy was it right.  We obviously had to pay the price for our lovely day yesterday.
So swift change of plan.  The original plan was to go up to Leek today from where Boe would catch a bus back to Stoke tomorrow.  However with all this rain, if our memory was correct the path to get from the mooring at Leek to the bus might just be a little muddy, and we didn't fancy going anywhere in this weather.  So we battened down the hatches  and only ventured out to give Barney a couple of walks.  It did in fact clear up about 6.30 pm and it was a nice evening but far too late to move.  So an early start tomorrow and we shall about turn and go back to Endon where we passed good moorings and the buses go from there also.

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