Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday in Cheddleton

Our mooring was conveniently placed only a short distance from the church and from the Post Office where we were due to collect mail on Monday.  

St Edward the Confessor church may have been close but it was up an extremely steep hill, however the welcome we received made up for the hard work.  Everyone was so cheerful and heartfelt in their welcome and the church was wonderful.  Most of the churches we visit on a Sunday are welcoming but this congregation just seemed much more animated than most, despite being the normal elderly bunch....just like us....and a pleasant change from last Sunday when we went to church in Stone.  We sat in a boxed pew with another couple, whom we had to go past as they obviously wanted to sit by the aisle.....and they didn't even pass the time of day with us......some folk are odd!!
The shop was even further up the hill as Geoff found to his cost when he went for the Sunday papers.
On returning to Petroc the Old Flint Mill near our mooring was open so we decided to pay a visit.

It has two mill wheels and both of them were  working today as you can see from the short video clip.

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Simon Wareham said...

That is superb, I am glad you liked the flint mill. Would you mind if I shared this on the cheddleton Facebook page?