Thursday, 26 July 2012

Exploring Poynton

Geoff and Barney set off at 8 this morning to do a circular walk via Lyme Park.

 It was about 6 miles and described in part as strenuous so it was not for me.  He made the mistake of going too early as the weather was a little chilly and misty for a large part of the walk.

There were some interesting stiles along the way
Barney flatly refused to have anything to do with this one so Geoff had to lift him to the top and pray as he went over

he did make it
Slightly better as there was a hole in the gate for him

I took the much easier option and went into Poynton on the bus.  By the time I arrived the sun was out and the many cafes with outside seating gave it an almost Mediterranean air.....
There are a lot of interesting shops, 3 supermarkets, lots of charity chops but there is not a bank.......
I fell into conversation with a local lady and asked he about the lovely paving in the streets......she had heard that maybe Waitrose, which is the newest and biggest supermarket, had paid for certainly must have cost a lot.
Speaking of cost I chose Costa Coffee for my elevenses which were very pleasant sitting outside with my paper, however I nearly told them I wouldn't have the small fruit scone I had selected to go with my hot chocolate when I discovered it cost £2.50....I could have bought a packet for less than that!!
Still it was a good morning's visit and our bus passes do come in handy....must use them before they are taken away.......

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