Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Goodbye Upper Peak Forest

Barney and I walked into Marple and hopped back on Petroc at the junction.  It was a very good extended weekend on the Upper Peak Forest and we were so lucky to be blessed with such good long will this summer last??
Brief stop at the sani point which was conveniently empty and we started our return trip down the Macclesfield.  On the outskirts of Marple we passed this boat on an end of garden mooring

Someone had put a lot of effort into the decoration.
It never ceases to amaze me the effort some people put into their canalside gardens, some of which they cannot see from their they do it solely for the benefit of we passers by???

Goyt Mill

Cotton spinning ceased here in the 1960's and today it houses a selection of light industries.
We stopped briefly in High Lane to buy a paper and continued to Higher Poynton.   We found a convenient and pleasant mooring with rings just after bridge 14 and settled ourselves in.
Geoff and Barney went off for their customary exploration trip and arrived back in time for lunch somewhat exhausted (both of them)  They had ended up walking into Poynton which was a bit further than anticipated and it was very warm........cold beer needed for revival purposes.......(not for Barney!)
I did it the easy way after lunch and took the bus there and back.......
Poynton was a big surprise, lots of shops and a distinct 'upmarket' air about it.

Sadly the church was locked so could not investigate

  The main streets and pavements are all beautifully paved....must have cost a fortune.......

Back at Higher Poynton there is a small shop and cafe by bridge 15 and passing through here is the Middlewood way a 10 mile walking and cycling track stretching from Marple to Macclesfield.

We shall stay here a day and do some more exploring
4.2 miles, 0 locks, 2hrs 50 min

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