Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Goodbye Bugsworth

 Sad to leave but soon after 7 we moved onto the watering point, no one else was stirring!  Geoff walked into Tesco's at Waleybridge for the paper whilst I meandered gently on and he caught me up at the first swing bridge.  The journey is through some of the most beautiful countryside...............the canal is sitting above the valley with the hills in the distance and what is more the sun is shining!

However concentration is needed whilst on the helm as the bridges come thick and fast with very narrow openings, the edges of which are covered in vegetation which can make for interesting approaches.  
My lack of concentration came not at a bridge but where a large branch had fallen into the canal and I was so intent on peering into the windows of the moored boat I was passing that a slight error of judgement occurred!!!!   Geoff was walking at the time but heard the scraping noise, looked round and called me a very rude name, whereupon the chap on the boat I had been passing fell about laughing......luckily a later inspection revealed that I had not scratched the paintwork....I think the cratch cover bore the brunt but that too appears to be intact....Whew!!!
We reached the nice open mooring we had spotted on the way up but had some difficulty getting into the bank.  I walked on to see if there was anything better but this was the best view so had to settle for living at a slight angle which I hate but it does not seem to bother Geoff.

Barney was content too but needed the shade
Good drying day 
Later Geoff and Barney went for an evening stroll and found a very friendly pub for a pre dinner pint.
5.49 miles, 0 locks, 2hrs 40 min

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