Saturday, 28 July 2012

Gurnett Aqueduct

We were off at the unearthly hour of 0710 this morning.  I am not sure why I complain as I am generally awake anytime from 3.30 to 4.30...if I sleep until 5 I have done well!!!  This early start was after a very late night as we had stayed up to watch the Olympic opening ceremony.

The mooring we left behind at Higher Poynton had been very pleasant and I suspect we were on a long term mooring.  However there was no boat name shown alongside and we were on the very end and no one bothered about us.   There were no areas shown as 48 hour moorings and there was no room beyond bridge 15 where our book shows moorings and all the boats there looked as though they had been there for some time!!
We passed through Bollington but did not stop to moor this time.  Someone was very busy as we passed the mill there
Some people have to go to great lengths to get their windows cleaned!

We stopped briefly in Macclesfield to top up with water and to pop to a nearby Co op to buy the paper.  I don't think Macclesfield encourages visitors as the moorings are very poor.  There are 2 water points but both alongside a very dodgy bank where we could just manage to get the bows in.  Geoff has now been thwarted twice in his attempts to explore Macclesfield itself.
So onward to our desired stopping place of Gurnett Aqueduct moorings.

Very peaceful, might be something to do with the early time of day!
Bridge 43 is one of the pretty turn around bridges where the towpath changes sides
Reaching Gurnett Aqueduct we thought were were out of luck for a space, but just managed to squeeze on the far end with our bows in the rough.
8.81 miles, 0 locks, 4hrs 19 min

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