Thursday, 5 July 2012

No Rain Day!!!

Wow, a whole day without rain..........
We started off with the 5 Stockton Brook Locks, all set against us, but it only took an hour.   I might have been even quicker with an extra crew member but Boe was still in bed!!!
Sculpture above the second lock

Middle Lock
We made a brief stop at Endon as there are convenient shops......I needed my Telegraph and the store at Stockton Brook had had a failed delivery.......
Sunshine puts smiles on faces!
Boe in her favourite place

Mind that head
At Hazelhurst Junction we turned onto the Leek arm with the intention of continuing to the end tomorrow as Boe can get a bus from Leek to take her back to Stoke for the train.  Convenient Mooring just after the turn with far reaching wonderful views and looking down on the other arm of the canal.
In the evening we ventured down to the Hollybush Inn as we had been told the food was good value and we remembered that the setting alongside the canal was pretty good also.   We even went out without waterproofs and umbrellas for a change and managed to sit out side to eat.   Unfortunately we could not agree with the recommendation we were given, the food was indifferent and we would not eat there again.
Towards the end of the meal the sun disappeared and the sky began to look not so friendly so we decided to beat a hasty retreat.
Back at Petroc the sky warns us!
3.15 miles, 5 locks, 3hr 6min

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Anne Hall said...

We must have past within a few miles of you on Thursday. We were returning home from a few days in the Lakes with some Australian Cousins of my Dad's. The M6 Toll was closed so we came off the M6 at the south Stafford junction and wandered our way across country to join up with the M42 and eventually back home to Camberley. Will get in touch when we are back to normal!!