Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Moored on yet another aqueduct

Lovely places to moor, wide open spaces where we can look down to the valley below and up to the peaks in the distance.  

Yesterday we stayed over below Boseley locks.   We took it in turns to walk Barney in between the rain, which proved to be not as bad as forecast.   On Geoff's walk with him back up to the top of the 12 locks, he helped a narrowboat all the way back down again...his good deed for the day.   Later when I did the same walk, I did not do  my good turn for the day.  It would be one thing to put my back out again when locking our boat but quite ridiculous to do it for someone elses!

Short hop again today and on the aqueduct just before Congleton.  The reason for the excessive slowness is that we have decided the Red Bull Aqueduct is the place for Geoff to stay for a week whilst I swan off to help look after grandchildren.  It is also close by Kidsgrove station from where I can catch my train.

3.5 miles, 0 locks, 1hr 35 min

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