Sunday, 15 March 2009

Cruising thoughts again.

Spring is definitely in the air in Cornwall, the garden is full of daffodils and our house is almost fully booked for holidaymakers to enjoy for another season. So it must be nearly time to start cruising again.

This was to be the year of the North but sister-in-law Edith's 60th birthday celebrations in Canterbury on 8th May have meant a change to the beginning. We shall be coming down the Oxford, one of our favourite canals, so that daughter Emma can pick all of us up and transport us to the event.

After that we shall resume a slightly modified trip to the north. We have our booking for the Ribble Link early August so before that we hope to fit in Stratford-upon-Avon, the River Avon to Tewksbury, possibly Gloucester and thence to the Llangollen, before meandering to the Lancaster, possibly via Manchester.

Once again we welcome visits from friends and family. So if you see on this blog that we are anywhere in your vicinity please ring and see what we can arrange.

This blog will be active again once we leave Clifton Cruisers, Rugby which should be towards the end of April.