Monday, 2 July 2012

Wet Ride to Stoke on Trent

This was the only face of sunshine we saw today..........I managed to shop in the dry but as we left our mooring the first drops of rain appeared and it just became heavier and heavier...........
The first time we came up the Stoke locks it was gloomy but another year we went down in the sunshine and what a difference it makes.........however today we were back to the gloom.  A couple of the entrances are really dingy and under low bridges, in fact I had to stop at one and do a quick reverse as we could not fit underneath with our satellite dish....
We had hoped to find somewhere to moor before the start of the 5 Stoke locks but it was not to be so we had another of our unintentional long days.   It was well after 3 before we tied up...Geoffrey had missed his siesta!!!!
8.29 miles. 10 locks, 4hrs 56min.

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