Sunday, 15 July 2012

Harecastle Tunnel

Tunnels are not my favourite pastime.........I have to go below with Barney and we pretend we are somewhere else......whilst poor old Geoff guides us through.
We set off early from the lake hoping to be in the first batch to go through when they start at 8am.   They take up to 8 at a time but it is only one way and since it takes 40-45 minutes to traverse you could have a long wait if you just miss out.  
South Portal of Harecastle Tunnel
We were lucky as there were not too many early risers and were third in line out of 4.    We entered about 8.15 whilst there was a fair bit of sunshine and emerged about 40 minutes later to a cloudy sky...what's new!
A short way along we turned sharp left onto the Macclesfield canal and found a pleasant mooring quite soon close to the aqueduct.  
Geoff and Barney went off for an explore and since the weather was at least still dry I decided to wash one side of the boat which after all this foul weather was not looking too good.   Having done that the weather still held so in a rush of blood to the head I decided to black the gunnels to cover up some of the recent scrapes etc.
After all those exertions I fancied a leisurely sit on the bank with my paper and book.......but it was not to be...the clouds thickened and it was decidedly it really July??
3.64 miles. 0 locks, 1 long tunnel, 2hrs 26 min

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