Friday, 8 October 2010

All but done and a new arrival

The waiting is over...Oscar Andrew Lovegrove arrived yesterday morning all 11lb 6oz of him!!!!
We are on the final clearing up lap on Petroc and she is safely tucked up for the winter at Clifton.  So this is my final blog of the year...see you all in April 2011.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Back at Clifton

Well we are back at Clifton Cruisers.  The sun shone for us and we had a good trip down on Monday, but very sad it is the last trip of the season.  We had some initial difficulty getting the car to behave but what can you expect when it has been sitting idle for almost 6 months.  All seem OK now.

 Geoff setting off on solo from Braunston
 Horsey Love!
 Waiting for Geoff to arrive at Hillmorton. I found a use for those wooden bollards!!!!!
 Geoff arrives Hillmorton
Going down Hillmorton
We have spent the last two days sorting and packing and cleaning etc etc etc............not my most favourite time.
We are still awaiting the imminent birth of the next grandchild which will determine when we depart for Cornwall.  Susannah has started labour but no production yet!!!
Barney was please to see his two friends Ben and Heide, the Alsations and took no time to make himself at home in the boatyard again.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sunday in Braunston

The forecast was accurate again!   Woke to rain and very muddy footpaths.  Apart from taking Barney and fetching the Sunday papers we buried ourselves until lunchtime.   We (Emma is here as well) then stirred ourselves, donned wellies. macs and brollies and took ourselves off to meet Fran & Keith in the Boatman.   It was very busy but we eventually found a table, it was even in a prime position overlooking the canal....which would have been a lovely view apart from the rain.    Still lots of boats about despite the weather.

After lunch it was back to burying ourselves again, although the rain had eased and for a short while we wondered if the sun was trying to make an appearance but no luck.

No news on the baby front, so tomorrow we make a dash for Rugby and hope the car starts.....

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Back to Braunston

The Forecast for Friday was very accurate!!!  It rained all day, heaviest in the afternoon.  So it was batten down the hatches, light the stove, read and watch DVD's.  This was interspersed with each of us doing a very wet walk with Barney.  By the time evening came there were signs that the sky was beginning to get lighter in the distance heralding better things for Saturday................thankfully this was also accurate.
Despite the weather, which was extremely windy as well as rainy, there were still plenty of boats on the move.  here I have to have a gripe........why do we slow down to almost tick-over when we pass moored boats???? I know why, but it seems that a fair proportion of other boat drivers do not and it is not just hire boats........
This morning we were away by 8.30 which proved to be a good move.   Barney and I walked to the junction and peeked round the corner and saw the water point was free.  Geoff picked us up at the last bridge and we just slid onto the point ahead of another boat.  Filling and emptying attended to we moved on and managed to find a really prime spot.........this is the view from the boat.

Braunston Church
What could be better.   After all the rain the walk up through the fields proved to be very muddy so I returned  via the other way.  Geoff then disappeared with Barney for Barneys 3rd long walk of the day (now he is fast asleep next to me).  He walked up to the Admiral Nelson for a swift half and then back via the Boatman for the other half!  Later we expect Emma and tomorrow after church we shall eat at the Boatman with friends Fran & Keith.  As I write this the church bells are ringing, I don't know whether it is a wedding or bell-ringing practice.  Whatever, with that view and the bells ringing it is very British Countryside..........