Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Leek to Hazelhurst Junction

Mooring at entrance to Leek tunnel

Our mooring turned out to be not as perfect as it might have been.   It rained hard during the night and the water lever rose accordingly.  We awoke therefore to find that we were now nicely alongside the bank BUT decided to shelve our plans for both of us to  take the bus into Leek.  We had visions of the water dropping again and leaving us well and truly aground at the stern on the nasty rocks we knew were just underneath us.
It was decided I would go so Geoff walked up with me to the bus stop.   We had heard on the radio that there were floods along the A53 but decided to give it a go.(the floods were between us and Endon so did not affect the trip into Leek)   The buses run every 20  minutes so after 40 minutes waiting decided all was not well.   Luckily we had been chatting to a gentleman whose house was adjacent to the bus stop and he very kindly offered me a life...people are so kind sometimes.  
We had planned to stay the night here but with visions of the water dropping whilst we were asleep decided to up sticks and depart.  (Yet another change of plan!!)
We decided to return to the mooring we were on last week at Hazelhurst Junction.
The place was conveniently empty but surprise, surprise....we could not get our stern in.......last week we had no trouble at all and we tried the identical spot.  Much muttering from the skipper!!
1.85 miles, 0 locks, 1hr 6min

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