Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Boseley Locks

 Geoff had thoughts of an early morning walk up yet another hill, this time 'The Cloud' but decided that his knees needed a bit of a rest after yesterday and there were 12 locks ahead of us.   So at 8am we were on our way and all the boats we passed had their curtails firmly closed so we hoped to be first at the bottom of Boseley Locks.   No such luck as we came into view there was a boat just going into the lock.....still never min, the weather was fine and the locks are in a delightful setting and we were not in a rush....
The Cloud which Geoff hopes to walk up on the return journey
So much sun Geoff is down to his shirt sleeves, this hasn't happened for a while

Barney waits patiently
Nearly at the top
A field of shorn sheep with the proverbial black one
Such a sad sight and needless to say no licence
We waited a while for a space to water when we reached the top of the lock but that done we set off to find a suitable mooring.  Our book showed moorings just before the swing bridge at Oakwood, but they turned out to be in dense trees and very dank.  However just after the bridge there was something more suitable and what is more there was a pub....after all his exertions up the locks Geoff fancied a lunchtime pint.
4.32 miles, 12 locks, 4hr 50 min


Adam said...

There may not be a licence visible on that boat, but if you put the index number into the online boat checker, you find that it is licensed.

Nb Epipjhany said...

If you need fuel make sure you find out where fuel boat Alton is ( - if so give our greetings to Brian and Anne Marie they are such nice people! They are based at oakwood - you may have missed them ;)