Saturday, 14 July 2012

Back to the Trent & Mersey

We awoke to NO RAIN... and even dare I say it the faintest glimmer of hope of sun........
Off at 7.30 to use the Sani station including the showers ashore.  Then just a short hop round the corner to The Toby Carvery who advertise 'All you can eat breakfast for £3.99'     it was too good an offer to refuse and it proved to be very good value.  We even found a space to moor right outside.
Afterwards we set off for Westport Lake, our intended mooring for the night.   En route we stopped off at a chandlers to replace one of our mooring chains which has mysteriously disappeared.......Geoff cannot believe that he would have left it on the bank.....!!
This part of the canal is deep in Pottery land. 

Some of the are obviously no longer in use 

What are the big orange things on the side of the building?
Answers please

Middleport Pottery
 But others have not been lost, see the link about Middleport Pottery
Middleport Pottery
some of them have found other uses
2.87 miles, 0 locks, 2hrs 38 min(including sani station BUT not including piggy breakfast)


Graham said...

The big orange things look like cast iron tie plates. There will be steel bars going through the building and connecting to a similar plate on the opposite side. They are used in old buildings when the walls become unstable. You see them a lot in mining areas and in the Netherlands where wet soil leads to a lot of movement.

If you look at the wall above the middle window it looks as though the brick courses are hanging out a little.

However, these plates are big and there are a lot of them so there may be a different explanation!

gbl said...

Thanks Graham
I thought that was the probable explanation but as you say they seem very big for that