Thursday, 3 October 2013

Slowly back to our home mooring

The forecasters still seemed undecided about when we would get this torrential rain but it seemed that Thursday morning would be OK so we decided to stay over here for a day.  We had decided to treat ourselves to a meal at the Greyhound Pub on Wednesday and didn't want to miss out on that.    In the event there was no rain at all on Wednesday although I don't think other parts of the country fared as well.  Still plenty of boat traffic and the moorings reasonably full.  All the mooring here is 7 days, although the signs do now say £25 per day if you overstay.

Early start on Thursday as we planned to empty rubbish and loo in the basin and thought there would be no one else on the go at 8am........wrong for a change.   As we pulled into the basin a hire boat came through so he went ahead of us and as we went through the lock there was one waiting to come the other way....obviously they have all heard the weather forecast which gives heavy rain later...

It was a bit of a misty start
However the rain stayed away and we had a dry  if overcast, run all the way to Rugby.  We stopped to pick up a few things in Tesco and have lunch and the rain started............however it was nothing like forecast and we did the final run to Clifton with very little rain.

After all the good weather we have had recently it was sad to have a dreary run for our last trip.  We mustn't complain because overall we have been very lucky this summer.  However it is sad that this years cruising has come to an end........we have a few days on Petroc now to sort her out for the winter and a quiz supper in the cafe here on Saturday.    Geoff is doing the quiz part of the evening....all Italian questions as the theme and food is Italian this time.

So this is my last blog of the year....hope to be back next April.....................................

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

To Hawkesbury Junction

Short hop still holding for us..........aren't we lucky.

We passed this sorry sight
and the past Charity Dock with their large array of garden figures

We arrived at Hawkesbury in time for coffee, how civilised....and since there was plenty of room before the junction we decided to stay there for a change........

Through the rest of the day it was quite busy with boats going in both directions.....

Total distance:3.48 miles 
Elapsed time:1h29m39s 
Bridges:7 Average speed:2.33 mph (2.33 lock/mph)