Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bollington to Bugsworth

 A marathon trip... at least by our standards......
I must put on record that the sun shone a good bit of the day and THERE WAS NOT ANY RAIN
All in all this is how how cruising is supposed to be, enough sunshine - we are not greedy we don't want wall to wall blue sky and temperatures too hot.....just enough, and wonderful countryside to travel through.   Well we had that today as we travelled the northern part of the Maccelsfield to Marple and to Bugsworth Basin 
I must say the mooring availability in Marple is not wonderful but as we were not intending to stop we were not worried.
We turned right here to the Upper Peak Forest Canal and travelled though the most glorious countryside

My pictures don't do it justice, I must try harder on the return journey.   The canal is fairly high up here and you feel as though you are on top of the world.
This is one of the lift/swing bridges en route but no locks today.
Entrance to Bugsworth Basin
Plenty of room to sit out
14.16 miles,0 locks,6 hrs 9 min (PHEW!)

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