Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday in Bugsworth Basin

A lazy day with visitors and sunshine again.  We did awake to grey skies and a little rain but it cleared reasonably to give us our second good day in a row.  I took the precaution of taking an umbrella to church but it was not needed.  Church was early at 8.15 and there were 8 o0f us there.  A friendly welcome and they took pleasure in showing us some of the interesting things about their church.

Bill & Hilary arrived a little later than expected (they became a little lost!) but still in time for coffee followed by lunch in the Navigation Inn.   (Reasonable and in nice surroundings, but not the best lunch we have had).  There are no amenities in the village of Buxworth here but they do have our two requisites for Sunday, a church and a pub.......Tescos and the small town of Whaley Bridge are a 10-15 minute walk away along the towpath.  Unfortunately it is not easy to moor at Whaley Bridge at the moment.

Later the Fuel Boat Alton arrived.  Thanks to John and Fi on Epiphany we knew they were on their way so had arranged to top up with fuel.  They seemed to do a roaring trade whilst they were here as by now the basin was full of boats.  The fuel was a reasonable price at 84p pre tax and declare our own split.  This was the cheapest so far this year, previously we have paid 92 and 95 + tax.

Bugsworth Basin,  built originally to carry limestone from quarries in the Peak District has so much history attached to it.  It is thanks to the volunteer work of the Inland Waterways Protection Society  that we are lucky enough to be able to moor here 

Petroc on the far side

Old Lime Kiln

Surrounding all the basins are the rolling green hills of the Peak District.   A lovely day with sunshine and friends in a beautiful area....what more could one ask......

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