Friday, 20 July 2012

Rest day in Bollington

 Well rest day for me, Geoff decided to climb another hill!   This was after he had found a barber in town to have his beard tided up (less drag for the climb!).
The hill this time was White Nancy which we could see from our mooring, note the blue sky!!
enlarge photo to discern structure on top

Decorated for the Jubilee

Birds eye views from the top

looking back at our mooring on the aqueduct
Geoff did admit to getting a little lost on the return journey as he tried a different route....typical navigator.....

Moored here on the aqueduct we are sitting above Bollington town.  The choice to reach it is a gentle sloping path which at the moment is very muddy or some incredibly spooky and steep steps...we have tried both!  Just at the bottom is a large recreational park which is great for Barney.

Clarence Mill
Just beyond our mooring is an old mill which is now a mixture of commercial and private dwellings.  The discovery centre was not open today, although a rather nice looking cafe was....not sampled.....
The forecast for the weekend is good.........can I believe it???
We plan to move on through Marple tomorrow to Bugsworth Basin stopping en route at the Tesco's at Whaley Bridge....well that is the plan anyway...we shall see............

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nb epiphany said...

Keep climbing those hills Geoff, the photos are the only way I will see the tops ;) Alton is on its way up to Bugsworth too. Enjoy x