Saturday, 7 July 2012

About turn

So the change of plan was executed and lo and behold it was not fact it turned into quite a nice morning.   We turned ourselves round and went back to the Endon moorings.  En route we stopped at the Sani Station and enjoyed what must be one of the best showers on the system...piping hot water at full force...great. The block was very clean and even had washing machines.  The only lack was a seat in the shower.   In a wet room type shower it is very difficult to dry ones feet and put shoes and socks on in the standing position!   Good job there were no cameras around, not a pretty sight.
Boe duly caught her bus and once more we about turned and continued on our way.  We have decided to stick to the main line at first as we have mail to collect (we hope) from Cheddleton Post Office.
We descended the 3 locks just after Hazlehurst junction in almost complete solitude..the only person we saw was a lady in her garden by one of the locks.  The countryside is lovely and so so very peaceful.

Aquaduct over the Mainline branch

Only ducks for company
going down the bottom lock

Soon after the locks and just before the tun to the pub we had the usual sods law situation.....the only boat you meet is at a bridge!!
We moored in the first available slot at Cheddleton whilst Geoff did his usual recce to see if there was anything better slightly further on.   There wasn't so we were quite well placed albeit somewhat more in the trees than we like.  It was good for TV reception as it was the ladies' finals today and the mens' tomorrow so we were all set for a tennis weekend.....well at least I was!!  Geoff just makes rude comments about it, especially Andy Murray!!
Wonder of wonders the good weather held until quite late in the afternoon when it all turned to worms again, but we have come to expect that now.
3 56 miles, 3 locks, 2hrs 13 min.

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