Thursday, 12 July 2012

Endon to Etruria

Up with the lark today, the forecast was good and we had decided to `make way whilst the sun shone `
Early morning trip to the shop and we were away by one else is normally around then but would you believe it two boats who had been moored about a mile ahead of us had disappeared.   Someone had got up before us..........needless to say this meant all the locks were against us and we had to wait at some.......sods law as there were very few other boats around, we only passed one boat heading the other way.
removing satellite dish as there are some very low bridges ahead

Geoff & Barney off to open the lift bridge

Geoff has to do all the work though
We just managed to find room on the end of the moorings at Etruria at the bottom of the locks which was lucky as we want to do a Tesco shop from here.......there is a 24hr big one about 10 min walk away.
We both had to retire after late lunch after an early start and a longer trip than normal.   However Geoff revived later and went on a fist Tesco expedition for the bulky stuff.  He was very brave and took my wheelie basket.  He hates it because it is psychedelic colours, he would have preferred me to buy a nice sedate plain colour........
It may not have been wall to wall blue sky but it was a lovely day and NO the final part of the trip back to Etruria which we had found so dismal on the way up, seemed not bad at all......amazing what a little sunshine can do.
7.47 miles, 9 locks, 5 hrs 42 min

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