Sunday, 1 July 2012

Weekend in Stone

Our mooring just above the top lock of Stone was somewhat precarious as our pins kept being dragged out.   Luckily there was a convenient ring so we had a centre line on as well so we would never have strayed far but it did not give us a feeling of security.   Since we planned to be away for a few hours on Sunday morning, church followed by Sunday Lunch we decided to move along a bit.  We eventually moored on the offside, something we don't normally do, but there were rings and it seemed OK.   It was a public footpath in front of the houses so did not feel we were encroaching on the houses.
The Church service was not what we expected.  The web site said Holy Communion at 1045 but when we arrived we found it was a Civic Service where the new mayor was being sworn in so it was full of dignataries.  However they had good hymns!   I use the term `new` Mayor somewhat guardedly, he was extremely doddery, had great trouble reading the lesson and we wondered if he would see out his term of office......
Lunch was in a restaurant called the Olive where we had an excellent 3 course meal (Sunday Roast) for 12.99.  Sadly there was only one other couple there, we could not understand why they were not packed out.  
At the bottom of the lock just beyond Stone Boatbuilding Chandlers there is a sani station.  However they have sited it right at the entrance to the lock which makes life very difficult for boats using the locks.

The black boat is watering not waiting for the lock and as you approach the lock you cannot get ashore to drop off crew without blocking the entrance to the lock.   Where there is a will there is a way and of course we managed but it would have been rather more difficult if the wind had been any stronger.
Good shopping here a nice town.  There are even frequent buses back to our mooring when loaded with shopping.  We also availed ourselves of a bus after lunch today.  This was the weather seen from Morrisons cafe after church.

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