Thursday, 19 July 2012

We didn't mean to go as far as Bollington

old mile post.
The plot was to depart at the very civilised hour of 9am and pootle along to Macclesfield.  The first part of the plan was abandoned as it was tipping with rain...what a surprise.......Geoff very disgruntled so I settled down to do some work.   I was nicely settled in, with papers all over the place when Geoff came through and said there was a glimmer of blue sky.  I was tempted to ask if there was sufficient to make a pair of sailors trousers but I kept quiet and we set off only just an hour later than planned

Plans were thwarted at Macclesfield.  The mooring for visitors there is very poor and there was not any space anyway.  So we pulled up at the water point and whilst Geoff watered I nipped to a nearby Co op.  We then carried on with the intention of mooring in the first nice open spot, well there was lots to see en route but..................................................

The countryside hereabouts is just wonderful (especially when the rain stops).
The Bridges are prolific, but all wonderfully shaped
and narrow
And pretty changeover bridges
Sometimes the herons stand their ground and just let us glide past decent banks to moor alongside.  When we reached Bollington, the first set of moorings shown were also poor and no rings and a bank that would have been hard to hammer a stake in.
However all was well at the second lot on the aqueduct and there was space for us on the end.  Lovely and open and we are sitting right above the town with lovely views.
6.49 miles, 0 locks, 3hrs 16 min

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