Thursday, 1 July 2010

4 days in York

We have spent 4 very pleasant days moored here on the river.  If you look carefully or blow the picture up you can see Petroc's blue hull.  We have been partly tourists and partly boaters relaxing.  The weather has been very warm, although we have had just a little rain.
We have walked over a fair bit of York, the moorings are very central.  needless to say Geoff has done more walking than I have.  He went on a 2 1/2 hour guided walk which he said was very interesting and he learnt lots about the city.

We shared a ticket on one of the open topped buses for the tour of the city.  I went in the morning and Geoff later on as it is one of these hop on/off tickets valid for 24 hours.
Geoff visited the railway museum (free) which he enjoyed as much as when we were here about 15 years ago.
Together we visited the Castle museum which we both enjoyed as much as 15 years ago.
On Tuesday we went to Solemn Eucharist at the Minster when they were celebrating their Patronal Festival.

We did NOT visit Bettys the famous tea shop as we were too parsimonious!.  Full tea with small sandwiches , scone and cakes cost £15.95 and the deluxe version cost £40 for 2.   If I had had a girl friend to go with I might have succumbed but there was no way Geoff would!  I was tempted on the morning Geoff was at the railway museum and I was wandering around town, to go in just for coffee but I looked at the prices for that and coffee itself seemed to be over £4 so I gave that the big swerve also.  Instead I visited a nice bakers where I had seen lovely iced Chelsea buns for 60p and treated myself to that and went back to Petroc and drank my own coffee........very nice it was too.......

During the relaxing times on the boat you can watch the pleasure trips going up and down, and in the evenings the rowers come out.   There are always lots of tourist sitting or walking just above where we are moored but because we are so low down it was not a big problem.  Groups of young people were around in the evening but none so far has caused any trouble  (1 night to go!)
One of the downsides of York is the litter in the streets.  They don't seem to have an effective method of cleaning up and the streets themselves look as though they could do with a good hose down.  A great shame as the city has such a lot to offer.
Barney has enjoyed it (I think) as just along from the moorings is a huge recreation field so walks include his ball...the down side for him is that because we are along way down he has a huge jump to get on and off the boat......but he has coped OK.  So tomorrow it is an early start for the 4 miles to Naburn and to refuel on the way.

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