Thursday, 8 July 2010

Tesco at Barnby Dun!

A domestic day today, I had my hair cut in the village but Geoff was not so fortunate.  The barber he had used last time was away on holiday for a week...Geoff was cross!!!  Worked on Gile's accounts all morning so felt very virtuous.

We took ourselves through the lifting bridge to be in a better position to receive our groceries from Tesco.    This was only the second time we have tried it and it worked well.  We had booked a time slot of 12-2pm wand  they texted me a refinement of 12.20 to 1.20 during the morning and he was there a little before 12.  We like shopping as we go but this is a great way to get the heavy beer and dog food!!   Beats even the shopping basket on wheels which Geoff dislikes so.......only because of it's psychedelic colour.......

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