Friday, 23 July 2010

Evening Stroll

The mooring at the end has a delightful (and familiar on this canal) BW notice saying 24 hours only!!!!!  However we had been told by Trevor the BW linesman to ignore that.  No one is likely to struggle up this far and want to trun round and go straight back, besides which there is not a lot of competition for the space!
There is room for two boats to moor alongside.   In 2009 the Chesterfield Canal Trust had its rally up here are there were 48 boats!!  This year they had it by Town lock in Worsop and only 20 boats came.
After a suitable rest period after our 23 locks we decided to try and walk over the top of the disused tunnel which we had been told one could do.  A short walk along the towpath brought us to the Eastern Portal of the Norwood tunnel.
Good job we knew it was there
Hooray we've made another Head of navigation

We then continued our walk along Cuckoo Way which was supposed to take us over the top of the tunnel.  It was signposted at first but then the signs became ambiguous and we went wrong somewhere and ended up going in a circle.............Quite a long circle..........
One the way back we decided to walk up to the village of Wales and then along the road to Kiveton Park bridge as we had seen a pub there which we thought might be the means of quenching our thirst after the walk.  The Station pub has to be the worst pub we have been in for a long time!!!!  We sat ouside as we had Barnaby, the place was dirty and there was loud blaring music.  We drank up very quickly and departed. 

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