Monday, 19 July 2010

On the Move again

We hope to move again today.
Our mooring in the middle of nowhere has been very pleasant.  It was partly dictated by visitors Maggie & Wally who were staying in a nearby B&B on Thursday and Friday.  We had a good visit, eating in the Boat Inn at Hayton on Friday evening where the food was OKish   Pub grub.
Under normal circumstances we would have moved further on Sat but I have a dentist appointment in Retford on Tuesday so we didn't want to get too far away.   
We had found the local church which did not show the times of it services but did give the number of the Rector.  He told me that the service was 9.15 at Hayton which was a combined service with nearby Clayborough.   Sunday dawned wet and windy and since it would be a 15 min walk along a partially overgrown towpath I let Geoff go alone........ he was very disappointed (not to say a little grumpy!!!) to find the church all locked up and no sign of anyone...........
We decided against the roast in the pub which is our normal Sunday...Friday's meal had not been brilliant......
So Retford beckons today.   Whilst we have been moored here there has been some sunshine but also a lot of rain, one huge thunderstorm and some windy days, one day (Thursday I think) exceedingly windy.  

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