Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A gentle day in quiet countryside

A weed free day.   Probably because we have not moved!!  This mooring is delightful and in other circumstances we would not contemplate staying on a lock mooring overnight but there is no one else around.   A couple of dog walkers and a couple of cyclists have passed us by and about 5.30 one narrow boat came up the lock.   Geoff went and helped them through, otherwise we have been all alone.
We are moored just above Forest Bottom Lock and surrounded by fields of golden corn, some cut, some still waiting.  The black blob you can see in the photo is Barnaby lying in the evening sun.....
Onward to Retford tomorrow as I am departing on Thursday for the big city.  Geoff plans to either stay in Retford or move on a short way into open countryside.  I shall return on Monday evening ready for the last lap back to West Stockwith and thence down the tidal Trent again.

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