Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Move on we did!  All of just over 4 miles and 2 locks in just under 3 hours.   Maybe we are out of the habit of being on narrow canals but this canal seems slow going.   There was a brief attractive stretch just before Retford yesterday but the canal still has not made an impact on us.  However we found a reasonable enough mooring place just above town lock and just along the towpath is entry into a large park with pleanty of area for Barney to run in

The town itself is better than when I visited by bus.  I think it is something to do with coming off the water and not having to get involved in all the traffic snarlups.  When I came by bus last week for the dentist the bus was 15 minutes late arriving due to road works so I had to call and tell the dentist I would be late...I think this coloured my first impressions of the town.

Town Hall & War Memorial
We are moored just by an ASDA which is also very convenient.  Dentist this afternoon after which we hope to move on a bit unless the forecast heavy rain has arrived.  So far we have been lucky today, the forecast was not good but it looked as though we were on the edge of the worst area, so I am hoping our luck holds.

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