Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunday in Linton

No it is not snow, just scum on the water.  This was our Saturday evening view from our mooring

Sunday was a leisurely start as church was not until 11.   This was a pleasant 20 minute walk through the fields to Newton on Ouse where we discovered that it was a Baptism followed by Communion.  The baptism party was huge and must have swelled the congregation by at least 300%!!   Yet another church without a resident vicar.
Sunday Lunch was back in the pub at Linton and we sat outside which was a slight mistake as it was very hot, about the hottest it has been this year.
Geoff had football this afternoon so I left him to the front of the boat and took myself off with a chair to sit on the aft deck (such as it is).  There was a little bit of a breeze there and I was far enough away from Geoff not to have to listen to him shouting at the England team.......they lost 4-1 to Germany..........


Petroc moored below the lock at Linton
It is hard to believe that when this area floods all this area is covered, over the top of the lock and almost to the top of the wall around the pub.
Paddle gear on the lower gates
All weekend it has been busy on this bit of water with boats going up and down the lock, and small pleasure boats and fishermen in boats just sculling around.  However by 6 o'clock we were left almost on our own again.    It is obviously a popular weekend visiting place for the locals.  Strangely the moorings down here were full last night,(£5 ) but the free ones at the top of the lock were empty.
We continue south tomorrow to York. 

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