Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Back to Retford

We stayed in our quiet mooring spot until after lunch and then gently wend the 2.35 miles and 2 locks back into Retford.  Amazingly it was a pleasant and weed free run.  We think it must have something to do with the fact that Geoff saw the weed cutting boat out yesterday on this stretch when he walked into Retford.  We just hope they are continuing along this was as it makes such a difference.

Back to the spot we moored in above town lock on the way up.  We just about managed to get ourselves moored up and the rear pram hood up before the heavens opened.   A very ominous sky had been following us for a while and in our rush to get things done and into the dry Geoff trod in something nasty.............why some people cannot pick up after their dogs is beyond me.   When we were moored here last time I saw a couple with a dog walking a little behind them who made a mess on the towpath  (In my full view) which they completely ignored.   Much to Geoff's dismay(he doesn't like confrontation!) I called after them and appraised them of the situation.....they strongly denied that their dog had done anything..............some people.......

Geoff says he will stay here tomorrow as it is market day but thinks he may move out into the country on Friday.    Not sure he has single handed through locks before but I suppose there is a first time for everything.......and there are only 2 to reach where he wants to be. 

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