Monday, 26 July 2010

Back to the Weed

The second lock of the day was Morse Lock with it's distinctive bridge
We stopped briefly on the outskirts of Worksop just before Town Lock as we had some letters to post.   I asked the first passer-by if she could direct me to the nearest post box.  She said it was some way off but kindly offered to post them as she was going past......what a kind gesture.
Once through Worksop we were in the land of the weed again.  Progress was very slow as the canal is quite shallow in most places. 
We met our first boat of the day coming out of Kilton Low Lock and so we could go straight in.
The second boat of the day was on the pub mooring at Ranby.
As I rounded the bend I managed to go aground.  Whilst trying to reverse myself off the mud he chose to pull away from the bank!!!  Unbelieveable...some people have no patience.....
We stopped at Forest Middle Top Lock to water etc.  Geoff had decided that he would wash off the roof here and as he set to work the rain started!!   However he persevered and had a good scrub of the roof. 
There are good sani facilities here but the cottage by the lock looks very sad

Th are visitor moorings here below the lock but only space for 2 boats as the rest are permanent boats.  One of the visitors spaces had the same boat on that was there when we came up!

We then continued down to the Forest Bottom lock where Geoff thought he remembered there was space to moor and it was more in the open.  Geoff walked on with Barnaby and I followed at snails pace.....we must have picked up another load of weed as we left the lock.   Another weed hatch job and Geoff took out a very large quantity of weed...........can't wait to get off this canal now.

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