Sunday, 4 July 2010

Weekend in Naburn (again)

 Nighttime view from our moorings in York

So it was goodbye York and after a quick visit to town to buy the paper and sticky buns for elevenses we set off for the short trip to Naburn where we had planned to meet up for the weekend with John & Fi on Epiphany. 
We stopped just short of Naburn to take on fuel and I am still trying to fathom out why we took on so much.   On the engine hours done what we took on gave us a much higher consumption rate than normal.   Where we would normally expect to use 1.1 or 1.2 litres an hour this worked out at about 1.9..............shall be very interested to see at the next fill up.

As it was stll only late morning when we reached Naburn we had our pick of moorings.   I had looked at John's clever site for finding the line of sight for the satellite aerial, so we already knew roughly where we wanted to be to get a good picture for the tennis in the afternoon! 

Once we saw the first boats heading for the lock we went to wait for Epiphany to appear.  I then went into photographer mode to get some shots of their arrival.
Epiphany approaching Naburn Lock

Epiphany rising in the lock

Epiphany on the left coming out of the lock
When Epiphany arrived together with several other boats there was plenty of room to moor, but by later in the afternoon, as had happened 2 weeks ago when we were here, we were inundated by big plastic jobs, some of them looking very expensive.

A big one came up behind us and asked if we could move forward a little so he could get in behind, which we duly did, only to move back to our original place once he was in..........and he still had space to spare....he obviously didn't know the length of his own boat....

We had Fi & John on bard for supper a a good evening of catching up.  

Saturday was gentle with some work for me in the morning, accounts and Parish News whilst John and Geoff went off for a longish walk to the pub on the other side of the river.   Fi & I then watched quite a dull ladies final at Wimbledon.   The men came back hungry in the middle of the afternoon as they couldn't bring themselves to pay £6 for a baguette in the pub!!

Supper with Epiphany and we sat outside to try out ther new picnic table which was exceedingly pleasant.  We made it a slightly earlier night as church the next day was at 8.30am.   

Much to Fi's dismay we set off at 0745 for the walk to the village, but the incentive was cooked breakfast in the pub after church!

Naburn Church

Another tennis afternoon and we rounded off a very pleasant weekend with another visit to the Blacksmiths Arms.  On a Sunday evening they serve 10 BBQ steak with a help yourself carvery with salads, vegetables roast potatoers, chips and fried eggs!!  All for £8.95 and the steaks were excellent, thoroughly recommended.

The tidal Ouse beckons tomorrow, departure from here about 2pm, which I am not looking forward to as I did not enjoy the trip up.  We have had very strong winds today but they are forecast to decrease somewhat by tomorrow....hope the forecasters are correct.......

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