Friday, 9 July 2010

Return to Keadby

Off at 8 this morning as we had a longish way to go...well for us anyway.  Just after Barnby Dun we took the right fork for the Stainforth and Keadby canal.  It is a wide canal with long straight stretches.  Lovely day but gradually became hotter

The railway follows the canal for a large part of it's length

There is heavy undergrowth along a large part of the banks with little patches mowed clear.  I saw them strimming these areas the other day and couldn't work out's for the fishermen!

Just before reaching Keadby there is yet another swing bridge, we have had numerous this morning.  On one of them the gate was so stiff Geoff couldn't move it back on his own, so I had to bring Petroc over to the opposite side to try and no avail until I went to the other end of the bridge and pushed from there.   All this time a car had been waiting to cross, but he was very good natured about it and we had a good chat when we had eventually closed the bridge.

The last one precedes the sliding railway bridge at Vazon where our accompanying railway crosses sides.

And so to Keadby.  We had not been impressed when we came through despite having a good facilities block.  I felt happier with the mooring this time but Geoff took a walk into the town and said it was very dispiriting.

This closed pub says it all

Keadby Lock
I watched several boats depart through the lock this afternoon.  We are scheduled for a 6am departure.
This was one of the big ships going down the Trent, hope none of them are awake at 6 tomorrow!!

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