Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sunday at West Stockwith.

West Stockwith Canal basin

This morning we took a walk down to the lock entrance about 9am to see if we could view any boats entering and see how expertly they negotiated the entrance.   However we were disappointed.  All we saw were 3 gas guzzlers going by, obviously en route to Torksey or Cromwell Lock
There is a large sign which tells them to slow down to 5 knots going past the entrance and this one certainly did, but the next on did not!
I am glad we don't have their diesel bill!!

After that we walked into Misterton for Communion at 1045.  The temperature is much more manageable today although the wind is stronger.  A lunch time drink in the Waterfront pub followed by another lazy do we cope with this life??
The pub is one of those ¬No No pubs.  There are notices everywhere saying `don't do this` or `don't do that`.  There was not a very friendly welcome either, so we were glad we were eating aboard and not going for our usual Sunday Roast.
Annoyingly I have lost a piece off one of my teeth which is causing a sore tongue and difficulty eating so I shall have to find a dentist.   An hour has been spent on the computer looking up Denplan Dentists, the closest of which is in Retford, and the means of getting there.   It all depends when I can get an appointment as to where I shall go from, I shall be on the phone at 9am tomorrow.

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