Monday, 5 July 2010

Tidal Ouse to Selby

Whew!!!!  Done it.................
We sa1d goodbye to Epiphany this morning after a great weekend with Fi & John.  They set off for the sedate trip to York and in the afternoon we set off for the trip back down the tidal Ouse.  The weather was reasonable but quite windy in parts, luckily not as windy as yesterday.
The trip itself was uneventful, 5 boats came out and we were 3rd out but number 4 obviously wanted to be ahead so we let him pass.   Not too unhappy about it as you can only go up in two's at Selby and at least he had done it before so we thought we could follow his tactics.  We , in our ignorance, did not realise that we would be punching the tide for the first 1 1/2 hours.  We expected to race down all the way at a ground speed of 8 knots which was what we were close to on the trip up.  Not so on the trip back....3knots Ground speed said the GPS, so the trip took 3.1/2 hours.  This did include having to gill around just downstream of the entrance whilst the first two boats went through.
As briefed we went a short way downstream and turned, which was quite exciting, and came back close into the shore.   I thought Geoff executed the approach quite well despite have a small is not an easy entrance and despite being almost down to neap tides the current was running quite strongly.
However it's all over now and we are on a nice sedate canal.........for a short while anyway.......

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