Friday, 16 July 2010

In the middle of nowhere!

Lots of phone calls liaising with our visitors re somewhere for them to B&B Thursday/Fri.   No nice pubs west of Retford on the canal doing B&B,, found two places close to the canal, but one was full and the other wanted £90 a night each....they need 2 singles....
Eventually they settled for a night north of here Thursday and a night at The Boat at Hayton Low Bridge.   Only £25 for Fri, fully booked Thurs.
Consequently we modified our plans to be west of Retford.   We also have to consider the fact that I have another dental appointment in Retford on we have slowed down considerably.   The mooring places we have passed so far all say 24 hours only and there are not many casual stopping places to just pull up.  The banks are very overgrown and the weed is worse at the edges.  However, just before Hayton, Geoff spied a possibility ans there is a metal bank to tie our chains to.  We have cleared the entrance to front and rear of Petroc and are quite comfortable.   It has lovely open views and good TV picture.
We are a 15 min walk along the towpath to Hayton and the Boat Inn.
Maggie & Wally arrived last night for supper on board and we had a good time catching up.  They will drive over today and check into the Boat Inn and we will eat there tonight.
The bus to Retford goes hourly and Geoff walked in yesterday to do some shopping and caught the bus back.   Unlike my first impression of Retford he thought it was OK.  Perhaps my feelings were influenced by the fact that I was visiting the dentist!   Maybe it will appeal more if the sun is shining when we reach there......

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