Thursday, 22 July 2010

We meet another boat!!

Yes we actually met another boat on the move today!
We set off just after 8 with the intention of reaching the summit(what did I say yesterday about having goals!!!).. 6 locks, 1 1/2 hours and 1.3 miles later.......the rain came.  We decided that we had not struggled all this way to get to the best bit and then to do it in the rain.  There are 23 locks to the top and the forecast for tomorrow is much better so here's hoping.

Not so much weed today, tranquil countryside and well kept locks.   Here we are passing under the busy A57 but most of the locks are just in the countryside.

Notice the well kept gates and restored bridges.

The boat we met today was on his way down from the summit, a single hander in a strangely shaped Sea Otter...forgot to take a picture........

He didn't mention anyone else was up there so we shall see tomorrow.

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