Sunday, 14 September 2014

Weekend in Audlem

We haven't managed our normal weekend stopover for a few weeks with a church and a pub so this weekend we have decided to remedy the situation.  Audlem was the chosen place and the weather was still holding good for us.

As we approached the town we passed a big new marina, Overwater marina, which was not here last time we came through.  It seems huge and very full of boats.    I often wonder what would happen if they all decided to go cruising at the same time!

We decided to moor before the start of the locks and it was nicely in the open with a good view.
Thee marina even has a shuttle boat taking people to and from the town at a £1 a trip.
As soon as we were moored up Geoff went on his customary explore and I took out the paint brushes as we were moored on the side that needed the black paint doing.  With impeccable timing Geoff & Barney returned just as I had finished!  But it was still early and I had the rest of the day to sit on the bank and relax.  In the evening we wandered up the road to suss out the pubs for Sunday.  We decided on the Lord Combermere opposite the church, but we also stopped at the Shroppie fly for a drink on the way back.

We hit a Baptism in the church so it was very full as two babies, one child an an adult were being Christened.  The hymns were all modern ones but ones we knew and liked so it was a good service.

Lunch was good although the service was not as good as it might have been.  Luckily we were not in a hurry.   Another relaxing afternoon......not sure how I cope...

Total distance:5.89 miles 
Elapsed time:3h25m58s 
Average speed:1.72 mph (2.30 lock/mph) 

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