Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Middlewich Arm

Last nights sunset from our mooring by the flash.
Back to some locks today, the first was Middlewich Big Lock which was still a wide lock, after which we decided to pause briefly and nip up to the town for a few supplies.   As we cast off just before the next lock, two more boats appeared around the lucky as now we are back to single locks.   Single locks and a lot of narrow bridges.   We have seen more boats today going in both directions, than we have seen for some time.    At the junction we turned right onto the Middlewich arm which will take us to the Shroppie.   This is a lovely stretch, good views and there are plenty of enticing looking places to moor.

Mind you this sign says permit holders only and......................... we have a long stretch complete with mooring rings and not a single boat!
Boat of the day!!
We decided to moor just after bridge 14 near Church Minshull but after we had had our lunch we decided it was not perfect so moved on a little way and found a much better place with lovely views. The only snag is the dreaded ledge but we decided we would put up with it.
I settled for an afternoon on the towpath with my book and a little later was very pleased to see Ann from Sunflower walk past.   We had hoped to catch up with them but were about a day behind. However Ann stopped for a cup of tea and a natter.  After her departure I could put off the inevitable no longer.  I had been eyeing the state of the sides of Petroc for a couple of weeks but we had not been on a suitable bank to rectify matters.   Now we were so after Geoff had washed down the side I got out the paint brush.   It was a bit of a lick and a promise but it does look a little better......and I feel so virtuous!

Onward tomorrow in the hope of finding somewhere decent to moor in Nantwich.   We have never been successful in the past.

Total distance:9.85 miles 
Elapsed time:5h36m38s
Average speed:1.81 mph (2.95 lock/mph)

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