Monday, 15 September 2014

Towards Market Drayton

We decided on an early start to try and be first going up the Audlem we were off at 7.30am.  However not early enough as there was someone ahead of us.
We didn't need water so Geoff did the loo and rubbish whilst we were in the lock and we passed by the water point just outside the Shroppie Fly
The boat ahead seemed quite experienced so we didn't anticipate being held up long.   That is until we reached the fourth lock of the day.  Coming down the locks was a single-hander with no engine who seemed to be casually sauntering along.  He also did not seem receptive of any assistance so Geoff left him to his own devices....his boat was old and showed no licence.  I tried feeding the number to the CRT checking site which came back and said it had no record of the number.  So I filled out all details of the boat, such as I could, and received what seemed to be an automated reply back saying because of the data protection act they could not not let me know what action, if any, would be taken...............................
The rest of the climb passed extremely pleasantly.  All the paddle gear and gates were in good condition and the locks pass through nice countryside.  There were plenty of boats coming down, so Geoff had lots of people to chat to and the boat in front was sufficiently ahead of us.
After the 15 Audlem locks there was a brief respite for coffee and then the 5 Addersley locks were just as easy.
On approaching Market Drayton we stopped short of the town in the open.   Not as picturesque as the last two nights but not too bad.
At tea time Geoff and Barney went to see if Market Drayton town had improved since we were here last but it had not.  Not only that but the heavens decided to open whilst they were there and one very bedraggled human and equally bedraggled dog returned to the boat.   There had been a vague mention of the possibility of a small shower but nothing like this.   Still we have been so fortunate for nearly two weeks now.  I just hope it has got it out of it's system.....

Total distance:6.22 miles 
Elapsed time:5h5m45s 
Locks:20....the easiest 20 locks we have done
Average speed:1.22 mph (5.15 lock/mph) 

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