Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Norbury Junction

Now that really baffles me.....why can you not moor there in the day time.....and what constitutes daytime anyway......
There is however plenty of mooring in Market Drayton apart from this stretch in the middle.   We set off reasonably early with Norbury Junction as the goal.  We had a date to meet up with Fran & Keith and see their new abode.   As we wanted to leave Petroc overnight we needed a safe place to leave her and Norbury seemed to fit the bill.

But first some closed in and quite gloomy cruising....this is the approach to Tyrley Locks through Tyrley Cutting
Unlike yesterdays locks at Audlem there was not a soul around so no chatting for Geoff.  However they were all set in our favour .
A pretty row of cottages as we reached the top lock

Next came Woodsheaves cutting which was even gloomier and also interesting meeting another boat.....first one of the day.
We did have a heron for company for most of the way 
Getting towards the end of this gloomy and somewhat spooky stretch
A bit further on as we pass Shebdon Wharf we see that the sun has not deserted us after all.
More gloomy cuttings before we reached Norbury but none as bad a Woodsheaves.   However we remembered the first time we came through here, after and during heavy rain, and decided we were really quite fortunate today.

No problem with a mooring at Norbury and it looked suitable to leave Petroc so a phone call to Fran & Keith and they arranged to pick us up at tea time.

Total distance:11.40 miles 
Elapsed time:4h53m5s 
Average speed:2.33 mph (3.36 lock/mph) 

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