Friday, 19 September 2014

Back to Brewood.

A very gentle start to the day after yesterdays epic voyage!  We knew we only had about 5 miles to go so there was no rush. 
If the sun had been shining this would have been quite a pleasant run but all these cuttings are very gloomy 
  Geoff had seen a nice open mooring just short of Brewood which he had his eye on, but in the event we couldn't get far enough in.  So we continued to the visitors moorings where there was plenty of space.  We all went to town and then Geoff went to reconnoitre a bit further ahead, as the visitors moorings are in a heavily treed area and rather gloomy.   It looked good and much more open opposite Countrywide Cruisers so we up sticks and moved.  We have now bedded in for the weekend.

Total distance:5.13 miles 
Elapsed time:2h11m26s  (In two hops!)

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