Thursday, 11 September 2014

Dentist Day

We reached the end of the Middlewich arm and turned left onto the Shroppie and soon passed the entrance to the Llangollen.  Sadly we do not have enough time left to take a detour up this time.
As we approached the end of the Middlewich arm  we saw Sunflower turning into Venetian Marina and waved a cheery goodbye.   By now we had picked up a slow boat in front of us....always Geoff's delight.   However the sun was still shining and there was no rain reason to be grumpy!
I had managed to break off half a tooth last night so called Denplan this morning and they made me an appointment with a dentist in Nantwich for 3pm this afternoon.   The intention was to go as far as Nantwich and hope for a decent mooring but a closer look at our guide book showed Acton just short of Nantwich and there were buses every half hour.  We found a nice enough spot albeit with the dreaded ledge again but have decided to stay here.   The bus only took 5 minutes and I discovered that Nantwich is a rather pleasant little market town so we shall stay over a day.  
My face is still not quite unfrozen............

Total distance:7.34 miles 
Elapsed time:3h17m49s
Average speed:2.23 mph (2.83 lock/mph) 

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