Monday, 8 September 2014

Not such an idyllic mooring this morning!

Last night's sunset from our peaceful mooring.
But not so peaceful this morning......a herd of these came walking past, seemingly of their own volition, transiting from one field to another.

So our departure was brought forward slightly as it wasn't possible to give Barney his usual walk.

Our plan was to move up to Acton Bridge to be there for coffee time when we expected my cousin Ann and husband Dave.  

Just one lock to do where yesterdays friendly lady lock keeper awaited us.
Geoff decided to get off here and walk to Acton Bridge which pleased Barney.   I continued at a modest pace to see if we could find space at Acton Bridge.....we could but only just.   There were two boats moored on the visitors moorings and the space was really not big enough but we managed it by breathing in!

As there was the possibility of 88 year old cousin Freda coming with them, whom we did not think would manage to get on the boat, I went on a recce up the road to farm shop which advertised a coffee shop.   It turned out to be an excellent establishment and was a suitable alternative to Petroc.   As I was purchasing a huge piece of coffee and walnut cake (Geoff's favourite) I was asked if we were there for the race.......when I replied  'What Race' I was told that the Tour of Britain cycle race was due through here in about an hours time.    A hasty phone call to advise Ann & Dave and I discovered that Freda was not well enough to come so coffee could be on Petroc.   They almost made it before the road was closed!   Still it doesn't take long for them to all pass by.

There seemed to be almost as many police motor cycles as cyclists!

After a good catch up with family doings, Ann & Dave left at lunch time and we continued upstream through Saltersford Lock and onto the moorings just beyond.   This has proved to be almost the best spot yet so I have been able to sit on the shore in the sunshine all afternoon....a very pleasing last day on this lovely river.  We have booked to go up on the first trip of the lift tomorrow morning so we can get a good days travel in..........pressonitis again......

Total distance:6.51 miles 
Elapsed time:3h06m43s
Average speed:2.50 mph (3.12 lock/mph) 

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